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Best 3 Step Method of Body Detoxification – Gut, Liver and Kidney According to Health Experts

A detox protocol might differ depending on who is the naturopathic practitioner diagnosing you and as to what degree of knowledge your naturopathist has regarding full and complete body detoxification. At Healing Galing, we’ve posted a couple of months ago … Continue reading

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How to Reverse and Cure Diabetes in 30 Days Using Raw Food and Nutrition Only

If you still haven’t, please read our How To category in the sidebar. There’s definitely a lot of cures and remedies and how to administer stuff there that you might not know of yet can cure your chronic disease. As … Continue reading

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Woodstock Fruit Festival in the U.S., An Awakening for Pinoys to Go Raw Diet with Fruits and Vegetables

“All holistic healing who would not include diet and eating as part of healing and medicine is foolish practice” I’ve come across just today about a certain activity they do on a yearly basis in the U.S. they call the … Continue reading

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