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Best 3 Step Method of Body Detoxification – Gut, Liver and Kidney According to Health Experts

A detox protocol might differ depending on who is the naturopathic practitioner diagnosing you and as to what degree of knowledge your naturopathist has regarding full and complete body detoxification. At Healing Galing, we’ve posted a couple of months ago … Continue reading

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Cancer Cure 2: How to Do Coffee Enema and Detoxify the Liver

Colon Cleansing as First Step to Cancer Cure I have written previously about the colon and how to basically administer colon cleansing and what foods to eat and avoid while on this diet regimen. In that article, I have also … Continue reading

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Cancer Cure: Detox with Coffee Enema and Nourish with Green Juice

In terms of cancer cure, very few naturopathists today would really recommend a holistic approach to healing and that’s probably why I so love Healing Galing. It tackles and discusses about detoxification and nourishment with the right kind of food … Continue reading

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