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In order to understand more the healing effects and what spirulina is all about, one must first seek knowledge to which this amazing health and dietary supplement product contains in its little pills colored dark green. I must admit this sometime called as the superfood. Why so? Well simply because it’s a wonder how this small tablet could contain so much of what the body needs in order to copy up with all the daily stress and energy draining activities. Hence, it was called the super food.

By description, spirulina is actually a blue-green algae found to be very rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids and antioxidants that can help protect cells from damage. Also found to contain beta-carotene, it could mean that this superfood is a good cancer fighting agent.

Spirulina Dietary Supplement Superfood

Spirulina Dietary Supplement

Calling it with different names, very few would enumerate what makes up this small tablet and so in my attempt to reveal the truth why it is called the saving glory of human health. Let me then, enumerate what nutrients, vitamins and other essential health-giving properties it has so you may understand more why Healing Galing‘s Dr. Edinell Calvario highly recommends this herbal dietary supplement to all.

Spirulina Vitamins and Essential Nutrients Composition

  • Vitamin A as Beta-Carotene
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Folic Acid
  • Biotin
  • Pantothenic Acid
  • Inositol
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Phosphorus
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Copper
  • Manganese
  • Chromium
  • Potassium

Essential Amino Acids

  • Lysine
  • Isoleucine
  • Leucine
  • Methionine
  • Phenylalanine
  • Threonine
  • Tryptophane
  • Valine

Non Essential Amino Acids

  • Alanine
  • Arginine
  • Aspartic Acid
  • Cystine
  • Glutamic Acid
  • Glycine
  • Histidine
  • Proline
  • Serine
  • Tyrosine

Essential Fatty Acids

  • Omega 3 (Alpha Linoleic Acid)
  • DHA (Dicosahexonoic Acid)
  • GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid)
  • Palmitic Acid
  • Oleic Acid
  • Stearic

Antioxidants & Phytonutrients

  • Chlorophyll
  • Cryptoxanthin
  • Echinone
  • Lutein
  • Mycocyanin
  • Phycocyanin
  • Xanthophylls
  • Zeaxanthin

Now, tell me that this is not enough reason to call this wonder organic drug a superfood. Talk about being super, yes, this small tablet colored green is really super when we talk about being safe from metallic contamination. This is because spirulina is completely organic, safe and all-natural. No wonder its been highly recommended by different agencies worldwide to be a health supplement of complete set of nutrients and vitamins as well as essential acids needed by the body.

To find more information, Wikipedia defines it here.  As for what benefits one can get out of taking a daily dose of spirulina, I have a list below.

Benefits of Spirulina

  • Increases energy and alertness
  • Strengthens body immune system so you don’t get sick easily
  • Protects against asthma & other allergic reactions
  • Reduces bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol
  • Prevents memory and hearing loss
  • Relieves constipation and hemorrhoids
  • Prevents hypertension
  • Prevents and helps treat cancer
  • Prevents birth defects
  • Protects kidneys and liver
  • Reduces incidence of eye disease and improves vision
  • Helps treat depression and insomnia
  • Helps treat intestinal ulcers
  • Helps treat obesity and impotence
  • Reduces toxic effects of radiation & chemotherapy

(source: www.spirulinaproducts.com)

While extra caution should be taken as a step before buying spirulina anywhere, be sure that the kind or finished product you are buying is not that type grown in laboratories. These are said to be not considered organic. Also be vigilant in knowing the source of your spirulina simply because the algae is said to have been found out to be prone to contamination from toxic substances called microcystins. Buy only a brand that is trusted to avoid it. This will hep you stay away also from heavy metals which can be absorbed from the water where it is grown.

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113 Responses to Spirulina

  1. joy says:

    good day and sana mabasa ny0 ang msg ko. gusto k0 sanang subukan ang healing galing products. matagal na kase akong may problema sa mata, gumagalaw ang muscles around my eyes kasama ang kilay ko at di ko makontrol ang pag galaw na parang hinihila pataas minsan kasama na ang left kong pisngi. left eye po ang may prolema.ilang ulit na rin akong nagpatingin sa doktor pero ganoon pa rin. can you help me? at paanbo ako makabili ng products nyo? narito ako sa riyadh saudi arabia

  2. Leonora Ison Cruz says:

    I have been a fan of Dra. Calvario and been watching Healing Galing every Sunday and i am a believer of natural medicine. I live in Paranaque, and I have been wondering where is your nearest office where i could buy your products. My 52 year old sister has been diagnosed only recently of pancreas cancer stage 4 according to her doctors per what they see in her citiscan (they saw a mass in between her stomach, liver and pancreas) and the doctors said they are not sure what it is..but they already told us probably the ” bukol” is in its worst stage as its not advisable to touch it…At this point, I decided to ask your help in trying to assist me in getting this healing galing medicine for my sister…She is also a diabetic for almost a year. She is having back pain and always lying on bed because she cannot stand for long minutes…and she is continually getting thinner too. I will appreciate it very much if i could receive a reply from your office as soon as possible. Thank you.

    Very truly yours,

    Leonora Ison Cruz

  3. DELY TAGLE says:

    What are the prices of these products

    • Arsenio Uy says:

      My first comment was sent to you three or four days ago, it was about informing you of my interest to be one of your distributor her in Mindanao particularly in Cagayan de Oro city and its neighboring cities and provinces.
      In the beginning my intention was only to purchase different kinds of your products specially the Spirulina. But after watching more and more of your program , I was so empress and became so confident that I thought I must share this discovery with my friends, relatives and to all the people of Cagayan de Oro.
      Please send me a price list of all your products so I can start making my order.

  4. Doyle says:

    How to take EC Spirulina? 5 tablets 3 times a day, before meal or after meal? thank you

  5. king says:

    can i have info on how to treat Hepa B, hypertension,depression and insomia; how much each healing galing products cost;the dosage; and where i can buy in Tacloban City,Leyte.thanks.

  6. Lelita P. Guzman says:

    Good morning po Dra. Calvario. Ako po ay regular ninyong taga pakinig sa radyo sa Healing Galing. Naka register na din po ako sa inyong programa pero hangang ngaun po ay hindi pa din natatangap ang aking mga mensahe. Sana po ay makarating sa inyo ang mensahe ko.

    Ang ama ko po ay may emphysema. Hirap po siya huminga at kumilos kasi po lagi siya hinahapo. Ano po kaya ang dapat kong gawin. Isa pa gusto ko din po malaman kung may lunas pa ang ADHD.

    Salamat po sa inyo at sana tumagal pa po ang inyong programa. Marami po ang mga umaasa sa inyong tulong. Mabuhay po kayo.

  7. venus rhea amores says:

    hello po…my mum is watching every sunday po and the problem is if i ask her where we can buy your products,she cant tell.can u tell where we can buy your products here in cebu esp. the guava soap…thnx

  8. jhun says:

    San po ba available ang mga supplements for purchase. Hindi ko makita sa website.

  9. alberto pedraza says:

    Dok. Edinell tanong ko lang po kasi napanood ko po kau sa tv5 , na diagnose po na may kidney stone ako ano po bang pwedeng gamot sa sakit ko?

    • lino says:

      Calcutab po

      • sarah jane says:

        Ano po gamot as insomnia?

        • sarah jane says:

          Ano po gamot as insomnia.. nhhrapan pro kasi ako mkktulog tapos lage pang may ksamang panic attacks.. kya mas lalo ako ndi nkktulog kaya lagi no nanghhna ktwan ko tapos lagi nagpapalpitate ako. Ano po ba pwede ko inumin PRA mkatulog ako maayos as gabi at pampalakas sana ng ktwan. Sna msagot nyo po ang tanung ko tnx good day

      • benjamin inamac says:

        gud day po!ask ko lang po kung ano pong product po ninyo na related p[o doon sa {schwannoma},commomnly affect the myelin sheath otf the cranial nerve which involvesa h
        earing and balance

        thank you po

      • rhedge says:

        hi !

        pano po ako ako makakaorder ng calcutab for cyst and tumor ? location calbayog city samar thanks .. contact 3 09058417037

  10. Mitch says:

    pwede ask kung ano ang pwede itake kung ang finding ng doctor The Galbladder disttended measuring 9.5cm x 4.5cm (LW) w/ non-thickened walls. Multiple low level echoes are seen settling in the dependent portion of gallbladder. The common messuring up to 12.1mm. There is a questionable hypoechoic solid focus in the region of the pancreatic head measuring 3.5cm x 3.3cm (LWT). The Pancriatic body and tail are unmarkable.

  11. Melanie pe says:

    Can i buy products online? Or any outlet within manila or makati? Thanks po

  12. Choy Sabile says:

    Good day po, gusto ko lang malaman saan po sa Cainta makakabili ng mga mga healing products? At what time po pwedeng magpunta sa Healing Galing Office sa Novaliches, Q.C. pag Saturday? Gusto ko pong magpa check up tungkol Arthritis at madalas na UTI.

    More Power and God Bless!

  13. Analie L. Ayalin says:

    gusto kong malaman kung saan pwedeng mag purchase ng spirulina

  14. Analie L. Ayalin says:

    i have hyperthyroidism can spirulina be of help to my problem?

  15. Restelyn Aguirre says:

    hello po Doc.at sa lahat ng staff ng healing galing.l’m your avid listener and viewer every Saturday at Sunday,gumamit na po ako ng healing oil nyo at effective po kc yung tita q tuwing masakit ang katawan nyy,healing oil ang ginagamit nyang panghilot at gumagaling sya,kaso yung ginagawa kung paghilot na may vinegar sa bukol ko sa matris walang pagbabago,cguro nga dahil wala po akong iniinom na calcutab at mga tabletas gaya ng b1,b6 at b12,kaya try ko po ulit sana gagawin ang paghihilot,panu po ba ang procedure ng vaginal steaming?Siguro nasabi nyo na sa programa nyo pero di ko po naabutan kc minsan late ko na po naoopen ,minsan inaabangan ko po na sabihin nyo ulit pero wala,kaya po sana matalakay nyo po ang tungkol sa mayoma,sabi kc ng doktor mayoma daw po at 9x8cm na po ang laki,ayoko po magpaopera,bukod sa kapos sa budget,may pangarap po akong mag-abrod,maraming salamat po.

  16. weny says:

    bakit po walang nag rereply sa mga tanong????
    i just hope that there’s an answer to every question regarding
    this matter….
    thank you and god bless!

  17. weny says:

    puwede po bang malaman kung paano ang pag inom ng EC Spirulina?
    salamat po.

  18. gener says:

    sana po i post din nila bawat products kung paano ito i take, nakabili po ako ng calcutab di ko alam panoi ito i take, may gall stone at fatty liver po ako..salamat po

    • gener says:

      sana po i post din nila bawat products kunbg paano i take, nakabili po ako ng calcutab na 200 tablets di ko po alam paano i take, may gall stone at fatty liver po ako..salamat po

  19. DIANA NARVAEZ says:

    good afternoon po. kaya po bang lunasan ng healing galing products ang hepa b?
    magkano po ba ito mabibili at mayroon po bang malapit dito saPasig? Salamat po.

  20. toni g says:

    Palagi po akong nakikinig sa programa ninyo at nai-try ko na po gumamit ng products nyo. Sa Binangonan, Rizal po ang malapit na outlet para sa mga tag-Morong, Rizal. Gusto ko po sana na magkaroon ng outlet dito sa Bayan namin. Ano po ang mga kailangan upang magkaroon ng outlet?

  21. sheng cerbo says:

    hi,, tanung po ako san near na outlet ng healing galing products dito sa alabang muntinlupa.. Tska pwd po mlaman prices?

    • lino says:

      sa may las pinas po makakabili ng healing galing products sa may au and nick business center sa tapat ng munisepyo

      • candy says:

        wala b mas mlapit d2 s muntinlupa o d2 s munti mismo kc mlayo ang las pinas at pacita . may alm po b kyo pwedeng pgbilhan ng serpentina at rhizome tab ?

  22. edelyn says:

    may malapit po ba kayong authorized dealer ng mga galing healing product dito sa mandaluyong?

  23. toni g says:

    Sa mga gusto po makabili ng healing galing products, pakitext na lang po s 09173661688.

  24. eugene says:

    gusto ko pong bumili ng calcutab? 09212020134

  25. eugene says:

    may mabili ba dito sa cebu? paki text na lang po dito 09193789077.

  26. leny calanog says:

    mam nd po b makkasama sa taong may history ng heba b sickness ang spirulina sa taong may hika …

  27. eza aguila says:

    ang galing ng program nyo, marami matutulungan. may cousin ako na stage 4 na ang bone cancer affected na rin iba nyang organs especially kidneys nya at twice a week ay may dialysis sya. wala na drugs na ipinaiinom sa kanya mga vitamins na lang. pain management na lang ang ginagawa sa kanya. pwede po ba ang sipirulina sa kanya, saan makakabili nito at magkano?

  28. russ mamaradlo says:

    where can i buy your drug that cures UTI madalas kasi ako meron paki text nman po ako sa 09175525161 at 09237263134

  29. bernardo montallana says:

    ang kapatid ko ay may thyroid cancer at liver cancer pinalabas na sya sa hospital ng doktor dahil wala na daw lunas. may gamot po ba sa kapatid ko? saan po ba ako makakabili. plz reply asap salamat po.

  30. bernardo montallana says:

    pk bigay ang contact no.

  31. Timoteo M. Quilang says:

    Please help me. i have been using hearing aid for almost 2 years now and still cant accept it and ashame sometimes, kaya po ba niyan gamutin ang ear drum na butas? please help me what medicine will best suit my problem am only 41 years old. my number is 09178504145.

  32. lynn luces says:

    my mom always watches your program. we are interested to buy some of your products. where can we buy it if we are from cainta? Thanks.

  33. Guia Marie Cadavillo says:

    Im an agent of Spirulina u can reach me @ 0921-352-5793 / 0922-559-2574..or email me @ gheymariedeleon@yahoo.com…tnx

  34. ano pong gamot sa may tubig ang baga…

  35. Bong Bongabong says:

    Dr. E,

    Good day. My wife has a hereditary anemia at mababa ang hemoglobin count nya. She has undergone a blood transfusion and on a regular medication ng vit. B complex at Folic. As pointed by her doctor (Hematologist), she is not to take iron that can be easily absorb by her system. I have watched one episode of your TV5 show, that showed the wonder of Spirulina tabs. Well this worked for my wife? Please advice medication administration, cost and where I can buy this supplement. I am living in Angles City, Pampanga. Thank you and more power to your show and advocacy.

  36. joy says:

    i am interested in spirulina for my daughter, and healing oil for my mom, i am in the alabang/las pinas area, where can i buy the products?

  37. Elisa A. Madridejos says:

    Gudpm, my elder brother was a user of healing galing for almost a moths now. He has a kidney trouble and is now taking spirulina and using healing oil. The same condition with my mother who is now a regular dialysis patient at Holy Family Clinic in Sta. Cruz, Laguna. Since my brother is using it, I’am also interested to know about it for my mother. What possibly are the herbal medicines she can take? I am looking forward for your early response and please give the dosage. My mom is having her dialysis for almost a year now. Thank you and GOD bless..

  38. charlene says:

    pwede po ba ang spirulina sa mga buntis at mga bata?

  39. mabel quinto says:

    kindly advice where to buy healing oil and spirulina tablet. I live in Cubao, Q.C.


  40. jhona says:

    good day po naririnig ko po lage kau sa radio ng tita q and what caught my attention is ung healing food niyo po na Spirolina.. narinig ko po kce na memory enhancer din sya ask ko lang po doc kung ilang beses sa isang araw qo po iinumin ito at kung magkano po? thanks po and godbless! :)

  41. Sheila Simpao says:

    Good morning!
    Please give me the address of your satellite office in Muntinlupa and Makati so i can buy healing galing products.


  42. shirley baluyot says:

    good day po magkano po ba abg spirulina

  43. rowena hernandez says:

    good day po! matagal ko n po problem ang asthma ng anak ko 8yrs. old. nag maintenance n po kmi ng seretide diskus 100 for 1yr & avamys fluticasone furoate for allergy rhinitis.may pnapainom p dn po ang doctor na antihistamine.wla p dn po pagbabago.iba iba n dn pong doctor ang napuntahan nmin.naawa n po ako sa anak ko kc since birth panay n po ang inom ng antibiotic. sana po matulungan kmi ng healing galing.

  44. zerlyn bautista says:

    is there any branch or store po in binangonan rizal?..if ever po can i have the complete address.. thank you.
    godbless! and more power!

  45. Hermie Sia says:

    where can i buy healing galing product here in cagayan de oro or in cebu city

    • healing says:

      I believe na makakaorder lamang po kayo kung via LBC galing dito sa isa sa mga authorized distribution centers ng Healing Galing. Inaannounce po ito sa tuwing program day ng HG sa tv at radio.

  46. Annie U Santos says:

    have seen tv show of Dra. Calvario. Can i know where her clinic is or how to contact her. I am in Paranaque. Where is your nearest dealer or telephone no

  47. STELLA A. ANGCAYA says:

    Good day po! Nabalitaan ko lang po from a friend ang tungkol sa show nyo sa t.v. & interested po ako. My daughter is diagnosed to have gallstones and as much as possible ayaw po nyang magpaopera. She underwent brain surgery in 2003 and she does not want to undergo such procedure again. She is trying alternative medicines at the moment and it would be of great help if you could advise us what to try in treating her condition. Thank you and God bless.

  48. aida samaniego says:

    Good day po ako po ay nasa edad 59 na po last year po tumigil na ang menstruation ko ng 3 months pagkatapos po nun palagi na akong dinudugo minsan malakas minsan mahina nababahal na po ako natatakot naman po ako ano po kaya ang dapat kong gawin ng matigil na po ang aking dugo

  49. Nelson says:

    Gud Day!!
    San po ba makakabili ng Healing Galing Products sa Bulacan Area? I want to try those natural medicines especially po that spirulina product. Hope to reply. Tnx and God Bless!

  50. Emelia Catindig says:

    ako po ay diabetic nagiinsulin na po ako ano po ang gamot ng healing galing sa diabetic ako po ay andito sa United Arab Emerates. Maraming salamat po.

  51. Dennis says:

    Saan po ba pwedeng bumili ng mga products niyo ? Dito po ako sa caloocan monumento area. Salamat po.

  52. Dennis says:

    Good Day po. Gusto ko lang po itanong kung ano po ang pwedeng gamot para sa tuhod ko na laging namamaga at sumasakit. Salamat po.

  53. Corazon D. Panambo says:

    malimit po akong sumpungin ng sakit sa pag-ihi before and after because of UTI. Anong products ng healinggaling ang pwedeng kong itake. How many and how long ko ito gagamitin. tks po.

  54. Aideliza Juson says:


    Saan po tayo makabili ng products here in Cagayan de Oro City
    or nearer?

  55. Sharlyn Joy says:

    Dra. Edinelle ano po bang pwedeng gamot sa mama ko may highblood po saka tumataas yung sugar nya at masyado po siyang acidic lalo sa umaga…yung kapatid ko naman po may hika…please e-mail nyo naman po ako sa frozensha831@yahoo.com o kaya po pakitext sa 09075401411/09077431438..salamat po saan po pala may malapit sa pasig na pwede makabili ng produkto ninyo?

  56. rebecca turla says:

    san po ba maka bili ng serpentina or spirulina taga navotas po ako thanks po

  57. Rene calongui says:

    Gusto q LNG po malaman qng anu gamot s hepa b

  58. jeffreycebu says:

    even b4 po dito sa cebu nakikinig ako sa mga healing words and some advise ni Doc…now nag medical exam ako,for abroad tapos ang result is very bad bec. meron daw akong scar or lung fibroses,unfit ako for a job for taiwan.i need some advise of healing galing pruduct what to take.pls.help me…

  59. Jay-r jimenez says:

    may friend po ako na may pancreatic cancer lagi na po sya inuubo at minsan nagsusuka nagpapasa na rin buong katawan nya.. Nakikiusap po sana matulungan nyo sya kung anong gamot at kung may lunas pa… Pakitxt nalang po sa number ko 09195327556 maraming salamat po.,.

  60. Greg Barcos says:

    Hi Dr. Edinell Calvario!

    Isa po akong OFW based sa Saudi Arabia, every Sunday po talaga ako nanonood ng Healing Galing sa Aksyon TV Internation ng TV5. Today morning napapanood ko po ang testimony ng isang Ginang na may sakit na LUPUS. Itatanong ko lang po kong anong laboratory testing ang ipapagawa ko upang malaman kong na isang tao ay may LUPUS? 41 years old na po ako at nakakaramdam din po ako ng matinding pananakit ng aking mga tuhod at ibang joints lalo na sa mga kamay at braso ko. Normal naman po ang aking uric acid at sabi ng aking Orthopedic Doctor nakikita nya sa x-ray na may knee inflammation daw ako kaya sumasakit ang mga joints ko. Gusto ko sana magpa lab test baka may Lupus din ako. Gusto ko rin po bumili ng mga gamot ng healing galling kaya nais kong malaman kong saan ako pede makabili dito sa Saudi Arabia?

    Maraming salamat!

    Greg Barcos

  61. michele says:

    Magkano at saan po ako pwede makabili ng Spirulina tablet?may ADHD ang aking anak at ako naman ay may goiter…

  62. bet says:

    Can u send me po location and contact #s po ng authorizd dealer nyo po sa pasay and naga city sa cam sur.tnx po.

  63. Hi Dra. E. C. effective po ang paginum ng spirulina healing food, kahit sa 1year old ko pong anak hinahalo ko sa milk nya. Problema ko po dati mapili sa pagkain pero nun pinagtake kn sya ng spirulina naging ok na sya. naggegain na po sya ng weight.

    suggestion ko lang po baka pede gumawa kayo ng spirulina na nasa bote yun pangmatagalan gamitan kasi lahat po kasi kami sa family nagtetake na din po nito.

  64. Edward Sanchez says:


    I am avid listener of Ms. Edinel C
    I am from Polangui albay bicol region for working and pwede bang mag order via LBC ng
    Spirulina Dietary Supplement para sa pangangati ng ari at parang may gumagapang sa mukha please send the details ang pag take nito? May badyet is 3k


    More power sa Healing Galing
    Edward Sanchez
    e-mail: sanchezcebu@yahoo.com

  65. Alvin Dalida says:

    Gusto ko po magtanong kung saan po pwedeng makabili ng mga Healing Galing products specially Spirulina, near Parañaque.. I have heart problem nagpa-palpitate, nahihirapan huminga, namamanhid ang mga kamay… sana po makapagreply po kayo.. im planning to buy po kasi thank you po and God Bless

  66. carina roxas says:

    dr. edinell calvario,, paano po gagamutin ang fatty liver? saan din po ako makakakuwa ng healing products para po sa fatty liver at magkakano po ito? minsan po ay nakakaranas rin ako ng pag ikot ng paningin ko? paano ko rin po gagamutin ang pag ikot ng paningin ko? please tulungan nyo po ako… salamat po!
    -carina roxas of carmona cavite

  67. carina roxas says:

    paano po gagamutin ang fatty liver?
    -carina roxas,carmona cavite

  68. Sarah lucenesio says:

    Doc pdi po b yung herbal n gamot sa goiter po matagal n po ako ngkaroon 3yrs n po kung may toxic goiter po……..pkontak n lng po ako ito po yung no ko 09107540650

  69. ron sapinoso says:

    PLease, I need to buy some of your product. I can’t walk properly because my left foot is weak and sometimes swelling. I live in Imus, cavite and here is my number… 09238448757… please i need your ASAP

  70. Herman R. Aguilar says:

    Good morning po,
    Ask ko lang po re sa breast ng mother ko matagal na po niya iniinda ung bukol pero takot sya magpa doktor baka daw po imbes na humaba pa buhay nya baka mas mapadali pa daw. Sa ngayon po ay may tumubo ng parang bukol sa tabi ng kanyang niple kumikirot daw po sa loob pero di naman daw po gaano masakit ano po kaya ito? kanser po ba kaya ito ano po kaya mainam gawin? sa ngayon binilhan ko sya ng Healing Oil tuwing gabi sabi ko i hot compress nya at saka i massage ng healing oil tama po ba un meron pa bang ibang idadagdag ayaw nya kasi ng maraming iniinum na gamot, 75 years old na po ang mother ko. Sana mabigyan nyo pa po ako ng ibang advice. Marami pong salamat.

    God Bless po!

    Herman R. Aguilar

  71. almario rosales says:

    good day, saan po ako makakabili nang spirulina, dito po ako sa UAE, thanks.

  72. Beth says:

    Ano po dosage ng spirulina? Saan po kayo pwede macontact? Thank you

  73. cleo says:

    ilan dosage po pwede inumin ang spirulina? saan po kayo pwede macontact? (cellphone or landline) thank you.

  74. Nerisa Dimaculangan says:

    Saan po ang inyong clinic o main office?

  75. Arlene Labago says:

    hi! nasa stage 4 ang kidney ng husband ko ,
    Pwede nyo ba kami matulungan?
    Pwede pa ba mabalik sa normal function ang kidney nya
    sa tulong ng herbal medicine?

  76. sarah jane says:

    Hi doc’ ask ko Lang pro sana kng ano pong Pwede inumin kapag may insomnia d po kasi ako nkkatulog ng maayos tapos po nagkakaron pa ng panic attacks Hindi ko alm bakit gnun kya mas lalo ako Hindi nakakatulog.. lagi napo nanghihina katawan ko tapos nagpapalpitate napo ako lge.. salamat pro..

  77. irwin says:

    Good day. meron akung varicus vain s maselang bahagi ng katawan. ano po ba ang nararapat kung gawin. meron po ba kayong gamot dito. salamat

  78. Melody Morales says:

    Good day mam/sir:
    maari po bang malaman kung meron po ba silang branch na mapagbibilhan ng mga produkto nila sa la union, ilocos sur or sa baguio po? interesado po kasi ang aking magulang sa pagbili ng inyong mga produkto. salamat po.

  79. Francis Carl Gestiada says:

    Hello, I have heard your tv cast on TV5 I would like to ask where I can buy those products of Hiling Galing? Thank you

  80. Zie says:

    Saan po makakabili ng product nyo dito sa Makati?

  81. helen real says:

    my sister have lung cancer STAGE 4. i am interested to buy for her spirulina. pls give me nearest outlet in Cubao, QC. i am in uae pls give ctc nos also so my family in QC can call to inquire…thank you…

  82. helen real says:

    i inquired earlier… pls advise also the spirulina dosage applicable for advanced stage lung cancer… thanks….

  83. Binkie monzon says:

    San po makakabili ng products nyo dito sa Cavite?

  84. jobel delos reyes says:

    Tanung ko po kung magkano ang mga herbal n gamot?

  85. jobel delos reyes says:

    Meron n po bang outlet dito s bulacan?

  86. judith aron says:

    Saan po makabili ng products nyo? Andito po ako nakatira sa cagayan de oro city

  87. Ofelia says:

    Hi, I have bought 10 bottles of tawa-tawa tonic five years ago. Do they expire? Can I still use them? What can I use them for? Will they cure colorectal cancer? How? Pls reply to my email asap. Thanks.

  88. Jessa Maerie Lomboy says:

    Maam saan po makakabili ng Healing gamot dito sa Makati..
    at kapag gagamit po ba ako ng healing galing pwede parin po ba akong mag-gamot ng gamot na nereseta ng Doctor ko.. 3 monthns po kasi ang gamotan ko..
    may bukol din po ako sa loob ng ilong at mejo sumasakit na po ang leeg ko.. maam ano po ba ang kailangang gawin..

  89. Jessa Maerie Lomboy says:

    Hi po maam ako po si Jessa Ask ko lang po kung saan makakabili ng gamot ninyo.. dito po sa makati city..
    may bukol rin po sa loob ng ilong ko.. at mejo sumasakit na po ang leeg ko..at parang may nakabara po salalamunan ko..ano po ba ang pwede kong gawin at kapag-gumamit po ako ng gamot nyo mag-tatake pa po ba ako ng gamot.. 3 months take po kasi iyon.. sa ng Doctor ko.ito po # ko 09071613450

  90. Sheryll Anne Cotoner says:

    Ano po bng herbal ang pwede sa may impeksyon s dugo?

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