How to Reverse and Cure Diabetes in 30 Days Using Raw Food and Nutrition Only

If you still haven’t, please read our How To category in the sidebar. There’s definitely a lot of cures and remedies and how to administer stuff there that you might not know of yet can cure your chronic disease. As promised, here is our segment article that gives you tips on how to reverse and cure diabetes in 30 days. With little to no knowledge in nutrition, here is where you will learn what raw foods and superfood supplements can do to your health, much more, cure you from whatever type of diabetes you have, Type 1, 2, 3, or whatever else you’ve gotten wrong in your blood, by all means, we strongly suggest that you stay away as much as possible from altering the human physiology through intake and intravenous injection of insulin.effects of diabetes

What is diabetes? – it is a condition where the body either does not produce enough insulin or the body cells are not being receptive enough on using the insulin it produces through the pancreas.

We’ve prepared and embedded a video from YouTube.Com below so you can easily understand the definition above. It is the simplest explanation of how diabetes occurs in people how high blood sugar develops in the system so you can also comprehend why we recommend also the simplest cure to diabetes in just 30 days simply going raw food.

Major Effects of Diabetes and Ways to Prevent and Cure It

There are basically 3 major effects and they are namely fatigue, dehydration and vital organs damage. So how do you at least minimize or manage diabetes. There are also basically 5 ways – diet, exercise, hydration, nutrition and detoxification.

high blood sugarTo explain furthermore, we have researched what insulin does to the human blood to quickly lower blood glucose (sugar) with the use of insulin compared to only nourishing your body with the right vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and more with the use of raw vegetables, green juices and detoxification. If in case you didn’t know, most of our health problems is an indication that there is too much toxin getting in our body and the lack of proper nutrition further compromises our health, thereby our body giving us signs that there is something wrong. Diabetes is nothing different, it is an adaptation by the body to show us that we have so much toxin inside and that the blood is no longer able to cope up with it.

At the end of this article, we will be featuring some popular useful raw food recipes as well as green juice recipes that you can use to fill your body with all the nutrients it needs to boost the immune system and detoxify it. We’ll be featuring here an hour and a half exclusive video documentary that entails how people with whatever type of diabetes can be cured simply by nutrition using raw food in 30 days. You can watch in advance below to have you informed and realize early but please don’t skip the recipes below and read more information to equip you with the right knowledge based from our own research here at the Healing Galing website. Dont’ forget to like us on our Facebook Page or like this post below.

how insulin and glucose worksHow Insulin and Glucose Works to Energize the Body and Why Our Body Lacks It

Human body produces enough insulin through the function of the pancreas all the time to act as a transporter or carrier of blood glucose (sugar) to energize the trillion cells we have. The lack of production may be attributed to having health problems and in many cases, due to toxicity of the body. If we don’t produce enough insulin to carry the blood sugar for our cells to energize and use, it results to high blood sugar content and eventually, diabetes. Below is a short video describing how insulin is produced, used and abused as well as how the human body works to consume it for energy. To understand diabetes further, please watch the video below.

Diabetes Made Simple – Explained in A Video

Below is another documentary video for you to further understand why or how doctors should actually approach to treat high levels of blood sugar using natural ways and eating nutritious food from diverse kinds of vegetables and possibly some fruits.

Despite further proof we’ve read from medical journals around the internet and online concerned communities, we cannot rely 100% on our medical doctors to give us the cure when many if not most of them don’t even recognize prescription of proper diet and nutrition as part of a cure regimen for diabetic people. Detoxification is another way and yet, our doctors continue to bombard our bodies with prescription drugs instead or turning to the right diet. We all know that most medications might further compromise our liver, kidney and other internal vital organs yet our doctors still try to prescribe us western medicine. Remember what the father of western medicine once said – “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food“. Always keep this in mind.

Raw Food Recipes (coming soon)

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14 Responses to How to Reverse and Cure Diabetes in 30 Days Using Raw Food and Nutrition Only

  1. Juan Carlo says:

    gud am aq po si jc 20 years old from cavite mayron
    po aqng pabalik blik
    n gerd at heartburn mdlas dn may kbag at mskit
    tyan. ano po ggwn q
    pblik blik nq sa doctor q at nainum ng gmot ano
    po memeryendahin q

  2. kenneth arcilla says:

    good day, i just want to ask your office and what medication of natural healing can you suggest to a bilateral renal parenchymal disease patient?? thank you

  3. michelle arcamo says:

    ask ko lng poh my skit po ako s puso,
    ano pong gmot n product nyo ang
    mgandang inumin..

  4. Raquel Silva says:

    I have type 2 DM and presently on Metformin 500 mg twice a day and I can say controlled at times but if possible I want it totally control without taking medications which I know eventually will affect my vital organs.My eldest son is also diagnosed with type 2 DM at the age of 29.He’ll be turning 32 this December.Hes Blood sugar level is always high though he’s already on maximum dose of Metformin.I ‘m very worried because he’s young to have uncontrolled DM.Im very keen to shift to herbal medicines from synthetic drugs.Please advise us.Many thanks!

    • healing says:

      Ms. Raquel, if you’ve really truly read this post and to the least watched the video we have provided, by now you should know what to do…. Reversing even the worse case scenario diabetes is easy… Just do a 90 day detox diet and cleansing using all raw vegetables and fruits as well as raw juice will absolutely help you detoxify… A liver cleanse might as well be necessary using coffee enema but of course before doing anything else, you have to consult with a professional medical authority. Better yet, read and watch a lot of videos… Raw diet has been making waves since but the current medical system does not usually prescribe it… My father had been a type 2 diabetes himself and simply incorporating raw salads in his everyday diet plus giving him 1 teaspoon of raw honey first thing in the morning and last thing at night (2x daily) has helped him become free of diabetes for 2 years now. Of course that also includes taking out any form of sugar in his daily diet including high intake of carbohydrates which we all know turns to sugar when metabolized by the body.


    mam ako po ay 48 yrs. old male d2 po ako ngayon sa saudi arabia nag work.may tanong lang po ako kung anu pa po ang mga gamot na na makakapagtanggal ng nararamdaman ko ako po ay diabtic since high school pa po ako hereditary po ngayon po ako ay may maintenance na gamot sa aking sugar ay matformin 500 mg. 2x a day at clebinclamide 5 mg. 2x a day din po 1 in morning ngayon po ang aking tanong ay bakit nangangapal ang aking talampakan sa bandang ilalim po ng mag daliri ko sa kanang bahagi ano po ba ang maipapayo nyo sakin mam. salamat po ng marami …

    joseph c. acidillo
    al-kharj k.s.a.

  6. Joseph Perez says:

    What are the health benefits of siling labuyo?

  7. Joseph Perez says:

    Ano po ang mga vegetables na pwedeng gawing juice para po sa mga type 2 diabetic?

  8. Psalmer Dela Cruz says:

    Good day!
    Ask ko po kung paano po magagamot ang pabalik balik na tonsilitis. San makakabili ng mga gamot ng healing galing o pwede po ipadala na lang po gaya sa online shopping. Please reply po.

  9. Jennifer says:

    Good afternoon po.

    May kapatid po akong lalake, 20 years okd at DM type 1 po siya simula nun 9 years old. Ngayon po may Kidney Chronic Disease stage 5 na siya. May pag asa pa po ba siyang gumaling sa herbal medicine kasi po ayaw po niya magpa dialysis?

    Maraming Salama po,

  10. emerson says:

    gudeve po.. anong product po ninyo ung pedeng inumin para sa may barang ugat sa puso.. diabetic po kc nanay ko.. everytime n mtaas ang blood sugar. naninikip ang kanyang dibdib.. salamat po.

  11. ofelia fajardo says:

    Ako po si opel..almost 2years na po tong nrramdman ko….lagi po ako nahhilo mbigat ulo tsaka mata ko.akala ko salamin lang solusyon pero dpa din nwala..tuwing ggsing nko umpisa na tan nwwala lang pag nkhiga nko Dpo kya vertigo to..sana po mtulungan nyo ako..slmat po.

  12. mae perez says:

    gusto ko lang po malaman if pwede ba ako uminom ng serpentina tablets. mataas po ang blood sugar ko for 6 months na and i am taking metmorfin at present. umiinom din po ako ng euthyrox kc inalis na po ang thyroid gland ko(near total) last 2010 due to euthyroid, tapos nag maintain an din po ako ng coveram5/10 for my hypertension. Pero ang BP ko po ay palagi ng 100/80 or 90/70 since uminom ako ng coveram..umiinom din po ako ng USANA essentials.

    nakakramdam po ako ng skin itchiness minsan, joint pains (paa at kamay) recently(about 1 week na). i am 43 years old and 50 kls po..

    bumili po ako ng serpentina tablets ngayon lang but when i browse the net about its side effects may mga nakita po ako na medyo nag hold back sa akin na uminom.

    pls advice me po if this serpentina tablets is safe for me to take kc gusto ko po na bumaba na ang blood sugar ko.

    thank you and God bless po..more power sa TV program nyo.

  13. Julieta Baligaya ofracio says:

    Panu po mg order 0nline.tnx

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