How to Effectively Boost Immune System and Stop Suppressing It

organs responsible for immune systemIn case you didn’t realize it yet or must have forgotten that our first line of defense against any sickness, ailment or health problem is our immune system, well, you ought to be glad today because I am reminding you of this fact.

Our immune system is actually a checklist of complexities even today’s modern and conventional medicine haven’t deciphered or grasped fully to an extent that many doctors and medical professionals still don’t understand that in order to holistically heal a person or any diseased patient, it needs to nourish the body with good nutrition and practice good preventive measures for boosting the immune system.

Sadly, doctors of modern medicine today doesn’t even realize that, or worse, don’t have the knowledge to apply nutrition as a natural healing process for the body to produce the right cure inside itself as a hose to fight all sorts of health problems from chronic diseases to even the unimaginably thought to be incurable ones like cancer.

Today, many healthcare professionals have proven all that is believed about chronic diseases and that there is no cure to cancer to be wrong. There is actually a cure to cancer, contrary to what many of us were made to believe that there is none and that there is always a lifespan limit of expiry to our life when we are found to nurse any form of cancer. We were also made to believe in the wrong idea that there is a specific medicine for every illness which is very wrong because health problems as we all know including doctors is an indication of only one thing – an ailing immune system.

If you have intact strong immune system, chances are, the body will heal itself with the help of knowing how to boost it and not abuse it or suppress it instead. So I have prepared quite a few list of ways to boost the immune system of any person whether already suffering from any disease to those who are primarily just looking to prevent it. There are suppressors and there are definitely boosters but expect me to list down great foods and a lot of good attitude below. Enjoy and live a healthy happy life today and practice what the father of Western medicine has always believed in – “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” (Hippocrates)

immune system boosting supplements4 Top Supplements and Trace Minerals that Help Boost the Immune System

• Zinc (resist infections with this trace mineral which is abundant in raw foods and vegetables like cabbage, lemongrass, wasabe root, sun dried tomatoes, raw winged bean tuber or sigarilyas, green peas, fireweed sprouts and palm hearts)

• Vitamin D (a dose of one of the best antiviral medicine means a good dose of good sun from which Vitamin D sulfate comes from when the skin process it)

• Selenium (brazil nuts, oysters, tuna, whole wheat bread, sunflower seeds, lean pork tenderloin, chicken and turkey, mushroom, whole grains and lean beef, spinach, pinto beans, asparagus, soybeans and lamb)

• Vitamin C (take it from plants or plant-based diet as much as possible)

immune system suppressorsHow To Stop Suppressing Your Immune System

It’s always a good idea to stop suppressing our body’s immune system on a daily basis. But problem is even if we know what things we do might compromise our health immune system, we rarely realize it until it’s too late. So here is a shortlist from Natural News on how people suppress their immune systems in certain ways you might not even imagine or realize it.

1) Lack of sufficient sleep
2) Consumption of processed junk foods
3) Consumption of medications
4) Smoking cigarettes
5) Sedentary lifestyles (avoidance of exercise)
6) Avoidance of sunlight (not spending enough time in nature)
7) Nutritional deficiencies of important minerals like zinc
8) Chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments
9) Exposure to pesticides, herbicides, glyphosate and other chemicals
10) Eating GMOs (genetically modified organisms)

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  1. marivic estoya ludovice says:

    Helo po tanung ko LNG kung anu gamot sa sinus.kc dpo ako nawawalan ng ska po mlki ang isang tonsil ko Pero d nman nsakit..salmt po.

  2. Mary yap says:

    Tanong ko lang po ano po ba ang mabisang remedy para sa allergy rhinitis? Sana ma sagot ninyo po agad,salamat.

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