Colon Cleansing Naturally – How to Do It and What to Avoid and Eat During Process

colon cleanseWe all have different colon conditions and if you think that there is a single magic bullet for all of us when it comes to colon cleansing and need to detoxify due to poor digestion, eating of too much toxic junk and chemically sprayed food, drinking unsafe chlorinated and flouridated water and inhaling polluted chemically contaminated air, you might be wrong.

A more gentle yet careful approach is usually necessary and more valuable so that you may allow the body to slowly recognize the changes you want to incorporate in your health and life. The value of what you put inside your intestine through the food and nature’s army of natural medicine you swallow should be done on a slow gradual phase.

A good way to do that is by staying as close to nature as possible. This means that you eat only natural organic grown (as much as possible) food. Stay away from anything man-made and labels in the food that you don’t even know or recognize or understand. Start to be wise and ask or make your own research. Use the internet if you have access or watch in YouTube for informational videos about related topics to health.

detoxifyRegimen is to Nourish and Detoxify

Another important move is the use of information online and although there might be times you may need the help of strong helping hand through the instruments and ingredients you will need to use to totally cleanse the colon and get rid of the harmful condition that it nurses inside your body, a treatment with care and love must be administered with someone you love. I have mentioned this because many of us had a tendency to be hard on our own body as soon as we learn that our colon is the centerpiece of our immune system and everything else begins there including the healing process and reclaiming your health and vigour in a holistic approach.

It is always a first and major step to clean the colon and detoxify. In the process of the cleanse, a 2-step procedure must be met – nourish and detoxify / nourish and detoxify. By nourish what I mean is you eat only good healthy living food and not dead meat or processed foods nor canned full of preservative foods.

immune system boosting supplementsAdd Probiotics, Raw Food, Healthy Fat and Fresh Live Green Juices to Your Diet

Since Healing Galing website is pro holistic approach of healing, through our online research we found out that it is strongly advised to have a colon cleanse on a regular basis especially for those who eat meat and dairy products. Better yet, stay away from eating them at all. They are literally dead and might further put your health to a compromise. For those who are on a diet of raw food and super foods, a little maintenance will always add up some extra life and longevity time to your body. You’ll be surprised at how the body can easily heal itself from any disease and illness as soon as you follow some regimen for cleansing the colon.

how to clean your kidney with parseley juice

Parseley Juice on a Glass


Keep adding up a dose of healthy live bacteria to your gut by intake of daily pro-biotics. Good sources can be kefir, fermented foods, sauerkraut or fermented vegetables and fresh green juices from green vegetables, orange and carrot combination. Healthy fat can be had by eating avocado and mature coconut flesh and milk. These little microscopic microorganisms found in probiotics help digest and deliver the health-giving vitamins and minerals of your green juice to your body’s immune system.

what to avoid during colon cleanse

Creams = Toxin

What to Avoid Eating and Drinking During Colon Cleansing

During a colon cleanse, you should stay away from many foods that might affect candida overgrowth or development of fecal matter that compromises your colon and puts it to a destructive state. These list foods and drinking beverages must be avoided before, during and after a colon cleanse. You can find a good list here.

  1. Avoid any food with MSG (monosodium glutamate)  such as any food with vetsin.
  2. Avoid all junk foods and man-made food.
  3. Avoid all artificial drinks and beverages (again, drink only freshly squeezed juices – they are full of beneficial enzymes that will help the gut heal faster than you can imagine).
  4. Avoid all artificial sweets and sugar. (only try using raw organic honey)
  5. Avoid all canned goods and food.

On the other hand, to answer some doubts and frequently asked questions regarding colon cleansing, you may read a good article from webmed that describes and answers the question, is colon cleanse necessary?

You may always use spirulina to add up in your green juices because they are full of nutrients and trace minerals that is essential to the body. Ginger rhizome may also be incorporated in your salad green dressings including garlic which is a good anti-inflammatory as well as blood cleansing agent.

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8 Responses to Colon Cleansing Naturally – How to Do It and What to Avoid and Eat During Process

  1. jean flores says:

    Very nice tips, healing galing.

  2. aries lumanog says:

    what your medication with patient having cadiomyopathy

  3. erlen says:

    Hi ask lng po anu po ang magndang product ng healing ang dapat kung inumin constipated po kc ako sa 1 wik twice kng po ako nakakadumi,gsto ko po sana na maging everyday ung pag dumi ko.salamat po sana po ay ma2lungan nyo ako..

  4. May Hilario says:

    Hi po. May question lang po ako. May kaibigan ako na may stage 4 cancer sa stomach saka sa liver. He’s bed ridden. D na makatayo dahil nangitim na ang mga paa nya, may blood clot na kasi. And sabi ng dr hindi na siya pwedeng i-chemo or operation dahil dead on table and term na ginamit nila. Mahina na ang katawan nya. He is still responsive and he can move his shoulders and hands. Lumalaban kasi sya sa sakit nya. Palliative care na lang binigay saka blood transfusion. Masyado na mataas na ang pain reliever nya. Huminto na ang pagdumi ng dugo kaya they are giving him blood thinner para maagapan and pagakyat ng blood clot. Nagsign na ng DNR and parents nya. May way pa po ba na bumuti ang pakiramdam nya at tuluyang gumaling. Please help po.

  5. elaine pamintuan says:

    Hi,gusto ko po sana malaman kung ano po herbal n pwdeng inumin everyday po ng mama ko,1 year n po siya naoperahan sa colon,sa ngaun po lagi po kc siya nagtatae.after po kumain ilang minuto lang po punta n xia ng c.r,help naman po.thank you po.

  6. elaine pamintuan says:

    Ano po product ng healing galing? na pwede po sa mama ko ,thank you po.

  7. Christy Marie Micabalo says:

    Request ko po sana na gawing daily na ang bukas ng Branch sa Lumban, Laguna. Minsan po kasi hindi kami nakakabili ng gamot dahil sarado. Kaya napapatigil ang gamotan ng aming pasyente. Hindi naman po kami makabili ng maramihan dahil limitado lang po ang aming budget. Sana po pagbigyan nyo ang request namin. Para po tuluyan ng gumaling ang pasyente namin.Salamat po.

  8. Christy Marie Micabalo says:

    Tanong ko rin po kung anong gamot ng exertional dyspnea at sa may infection sa baga pati rin po sa pamamayat dahil walang ganang kumain at di nakakatulog ng mabuti.
    Aasahan ko po ang reply ninyo sa gmail account ko po. Salamat po ulit.

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