Cancer Cure: Detox with Coffee Enema and Nourish with Green Juice

coffee enema, cancer cure, detoxIn terms of cancer cure, very few naturopathists today would really recommend a holistic approach to healing and that’s probably why I so love Healing Galing. It tackles and discusses about detoxification and nourishment with the right kind of food as well as educating Pinoys about the different foods to avoid if you have cancer of whatever kind. Coffee enema is designed to heal and clear the gut as well as the liver from toxins and parasites. On the left is a picture of our intestinal tract which is the target of this procedure. You can read a testimonial here.

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Dra. Edinell has always been so kind to give tips as well as to how to minimize spending money by giving alternative raw medicines to use in exchange of what their office and authorized distribution centers and stores sells. Today, I will be discussing more about what I was able to watch with a video wherein it was revealed by different medical doctors in the U.S. what the coffee enema can do to detoxify the liver and cleanse the body of different toxic wastes that has long been stored in our body fats causing us to get cancer through those carcinogenic wastes that ferment and grow over time if not removed the proper way with a prerogative of nourishing the body first to avoid getting drained and left with no energy at all to combat cancer.

Here’s a video that you can actually follow based from a medical doctor on how to administer and use coffee enema to detoxify the body and eventually get rid of the cancer cell thriving in our body for some time now. Please be warned that this procedure is only to be done and administered with care and prescription from a qualified medical professional or a doctor in the field. We do not recommend to use any of the procedures entailed, described and featured here at Healing Galing without the proper consultation made from a licensed professional of medicine.

Reasons Why We Do Coffee Enema

We do coffee enema to detoxify the body and stimulate the liver function for optimum health. Also for clearing out the body of toxins that have accumulated over time enclosed in body fats as cancer cells and eventually help flush those carcinogens out of the human system through the internal organs like the liver, galbladder, intestine, kidney and the rest.

It is highly suggested to use only organic coffee to maximize the effect of detoxification. In the Philippines, there are many coffee planters and farm that use organic farming inputs and it is best to buy your coffee with these suppliers for optimum effect.


Before any coffee enema procedure is done, you have to have flushed out some undesirable fecal matter in your gut or colon first to maximize the effects of the caffeine detoxification. To clean the intestine, it is best to go green juicing first for 60-90 days. Then, the next step is to nourish and detox, nourish and detox using juices and coffee enema alternately on a daily basis at such a period of time. For gadgets to use in administering coffee enema, please refer to the video above.

Believe it or not, after a possible 10 day long coffee enema procedure, most cancer patients are already feeling the effects. If you have certain chronic diseases, it may as well be off of you by this time.

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2 Responses to Cancer Cure: Detox with Coffee Enema and Nourish with Green Juice

  1. roy astillero says:

    where can I buy coffee enema

  2. Ma.Cristina Mirandilla says:

    good afternoon po . ung bro. ku po ai may Lung Cancer Stage 4 napo. ano po kaya pwede niu po mabigay na treatment para sa sakit niya hirap na po sia kumain at uminom ng gamot liquid nlang po ang mga kaya nia inomin at kainin. na diagnose po sia sa Lungs Center na madami daw po bukol na malilit sa gilid ng baga puno po ng dugo. may nakakabit parin po sia ngaun na tubo kase tinanggalan sia ng tubig sa baga bali 2months npo . lagi na po sia pagod at hinihirap huminga nag nenebulizer lng po. at minsan po mai iba2x na ang sinasabi para pong nag hahalosinate . sana po matulungan niu kami maraming salamat po .

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