Cancer Cure 2: How to Do Coffee Enema and Detoxify the Liver

colon cleanseColon Cleansing as First Step to Cancer Cure

I have written previously about the colon and how to basically administer colon cleansing and what foods to eat and avoid while on this diet regimen. In that article, I have also enumerated some of the amazing benefits of getting in to a plant-based diet as well as the regular intake of green juices and the need to add probiotics into your diet that will give more help to the overall body health through intake of live enzymes and raw trace minerals as well as nutrition and how important it is to detoxify and clean your gut to give way in the development of good gut flora to help boost the immune system.

One of the best benefits of cleaning the colon is not just to help aid and speed up the changes to incorporate in your diet but prepare it for smooth delivery of nutrients to the human body. Remember that if the colon is the body’s key to a strong first line of defense through strengthening of the immune system, it is also your road to get your blood cleansed and for all sorts of diseases imaginable to wade off and get the cure you need. In fact, it is one of the first steps to curing cancer alongside with the use of coffee enema to help aid in faster detoxification of the liver. So it’s really a step by step slow procedure but a surefire cure to some of the uncommon types of cancer.

cancer cureThere is Cure to Cancer Video – Naturopathy, Chemo Therapy and Coffee Enema

If many of you think I’m just joking around that there is a cure for cancer now, just watch the latest documentary video released in YouTube lately that I was able to catch up with and watch. It’s an amazing fact that we are all getting cheated at believing that there is a pill for every ill including cancer but in fact, no medicine yet is proven beyond the cures that have been documented in the naturopathic field with the use of nature’s best medicine – natural food that concentrates more on a plant-based diet than drinking capsules and tablets and undergoing chemo radiation or therapy which eventually kills both healthy cells as well as cancer cells in the body. I am telling you, this is a must watch video and you will learn a lot from the doctors and authorities that have documented proven results beyond reasonable doubt. This includes the incorporation of the use and administration of coffee enema as one of the first and daily dose steps to clean and detoxify your liver, the biggest internal organ that human body has that had literally hundreds of functions to aid in boosting the immune system with the proper nutrition. Watch and see what foods to avoid and take when you have cancer in the video below.

cancer in the philippinesCancer in the Philippines – Hippocrates, Doctors, Nutrition, Naturopathy, Green Juice and Coffee Enema

In the Philippines, how many women have their breasts removed just because their doctor never gave them a choice at all. It’s like Pinoys and people all over the world would just yield in and believe what the doctor just said because they’ve already attributed their health to what they know are professionals and authorities. No! doctors don’t know anything about nutrition. That is the same reason why very rarely would you see a doctor prescribe nutrition as part of the healing regimen and treatment of even the simplest illness, nor would they say you need to incorporate coffee enema as part of the cure process. What more could you expect would these doctors prescribe you in treating all sorts of cancer? Coffee enema for example is one of the most neglected procedures to detoxify the body of a cancer patient when we all know that these people develop cancer because of toxic waste accumulation in the body from too much toxins around us which we intake on a daily rough basis from food we eat, air we breathe, water we drink and cosmetics that we put in our skin and so on.

It takes strong will to change your diet while it is easy to believe your doctor that there is a pill for every ill when in fact, there is enough evidence in numerous unexplored medical journals that even a simple change in diet can help aid in strengthening the immune system which eventually help emit toxins with regular dose of good enzymatic natural and plant-based diet. I remember Dr. Tam Mateo is one of the naturopathists in the Philippines who have incorporated raw plant-based diet, green juice and drinking of tea as part of healing procedure for many cancer types of illness. Remember the father of western medicine Hippocrates, once said – let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. The big question is, if modern medicine still consider him as the father of medicine, why is it that nutrition and food was rarely a part of any prescription?

coffee enema kit[Video] How to Do Coffee Enema

In another video below, you will see and learn how to do coffee enema. It is not too late to help an ailing loved one, a relative, a friend or a family member, cancer is undeniably all about too much toxins roaming around the body and if there is a chance to detoxify it, then by all means do so. It absolutely helps getting the right education and not just accepting what modern medicine has taught us. It’s about time cancer patients take charge of their own health. After all, if anybody dies of cancer, it’s never the doctor’s fault, it’s ours so why let them dictate us what we should do and give us an expiration date. People, don’t have the right to do that to anybody. It is the worst thing to do to anybody who is ailing of any disease. Instead, choices should be given. Fact is, there is a choice! It’s up to you.


toxic liverWhat Are the Signs Your Liver is Toxic?

There are so many indications that your liver is toxic and therefore cannot function optimally to help clean your blood and eventually, the body and protect us from all sorts of toxic wastes and diseases. Below are some of the most common signs and symptoms that our liver is actually toxic. (source:

  • acidity/gas/constipation/spasm/bloating/digestive problems
  • yellowing and discoloration of the skin
  • bad breath
  • skin problems: Since the liver is overwhelmed with toxins, the skin (detox organ) helps to take over.  Eczema, acne, blemishes, rashes
  • weight loss or unable to gain weight
  • irritable/anger/rage: all connected emotions in TCM
  • brain fog/ poor concentration/ poor memory
  • depression/mood disorders/bi-polar
  • estrogen dominance/hormone problems/PMS
  • slow metabolism
  • allergies/ sensitive to everything (chemicals/pollens/foods)—hmm..sounds familiar!
  • hypoglycemia
  • excess gas
  • coated tongue
  • poor protein absorption
  • galbladder problems/gallstones
  • chronic fatigue
  • high cholesterol and blood pressure
  • frequent colds/ excess mucus/ low immune system
  • fatty liver
  • worsening eye site
  • Itching

10 Health Problems that Coffee Enema is Found to Heal

  1. Reduces levels of toxicity by up to 600%.
  2. Cleans and heals the colon, improving peristalis.
  3. Increases energy levels, improves mental clarity and mood.
  4. Helps with depression, bad moods, sluggishness.
  5. Helps eliminate parasites and candida.
  6. Improves digestion, bile flow, eases bloating.
  7. Detoxifies the liver and helps repair the liver.
  8. Can help heal chronic health conditions (along with following a mainly raw plant based diet).
  9. Helps ease “die-off” or detox reactions during periods of fasting or juice fasting, cleansing or healing.
  10. Used regularly in the Gerson Institute treatment protocol for healing cancer patients naturally

There is cure to cancer! All you have to do is educate yourself and use your own instinct. Don’t let the medical industry dictate what is what isn’t a curable disease. The body itself has the most amazing guard to ALL sorts of diseases and that is our immune system. Nourish and detoxify / nourish and detoxify. To God be the glory.

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8 Responses to Cancer Cure 2: How to Do Coffee Enema and Detoxify the Liver

  1. Juan Carlo says:

    gud am aq po si jc 20 years old from cavite mayron
    po aqng pabalik blik
    n gerd at heartburn mdlas dn may kbag at mskit
    tyan. ano po ggwn q
    pblik blik nq sa doctor q at nainum ng gmot ano
    po memeryendahin q

  2. Good day Healing Galing,

    I just tuned in at your show today.

    What is your product for Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver?

    May I know the name and contact number of your Dealer
    /Free Consulation in Sto Cristo Baliuag? Does he sell this product for Fatty Liver?

    Thank you,

  3. abeia says:

    Good morning po. may remedy po ba sa reactive hepa-b. At saka okay lang po ba mag pa breastfeed ako? Pde po ba maging non-reactive ulit ang hepa b ko? kasi po matindi po ang deskriminasasyon sa mga may hepa b sa mga trabaho. 32 na po ako at 1 year and 6 months na baby ko

  4. JM says:


    I also have hepa b po..gagaling pa po ba ito?ano po ang dapat gawin namin na may case po na ganito?

    thank you very much!

  5. Z-A says:

    my mom has stage 2a breast cancer, triple negative. She had seen an episode of healing galing last jan.20 0r 19 im just not too sure sa tv5 about natural way or preventing/curing breast cancer. can you give me some information or link where i can watch that episode kasi di ko mahanap sa youtube or kahit saan. please reply asap. this will be a big help for us. thanks.

  6. Aido Caballero says:

    Good morning! May I know how to cure my fatty liver (Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver). What healing galing products should I take & its procedures.

    Many thanks


  7. ryan pascual says:

    Sir may gamot po ba ang healing galing para po sa glaucoma?

  8. Lou says:

    Hi po,

    I’m from cebu po and I would like to ask po sana if you have sessions here in cebu about coffee enema?
    Or do you have stores po where I can buy the kit and the coffee?


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