Best 3 Step Method of Body Detoxification – Gut, Liver and Kidney According to Health Experts

detoxif protocolA detox protocol might differ depending on who is the naturopathic practitioner diagnosing you and as to what degree of knowledge your naturopathist has regarding full and complete body detoxification. At Healing Galing, we’ve posted a couple of months ago about Dr E’s detox protocol but through continued research online, we found out that there is this website that offers very useful information regarding cancer cure and how to administer the detoxification through a step by step process that is very easy to follow and understand.

organs responsible for immune systemTruth About Cancer, Dr. Gonzales and Boosting the Immune System

The website we are talking about is This complete body detoxification process is based primarily in detoxifying 3 of the largest internal organs that we all know does hundreds if not thousands of function in helping get rid of toxins in the body on a daily basis according to Dr. Nicholas Gonzales. His treatment protocol includes using enzyme treatment. His system, according to an interview I was able to watch last April 2014 includes tips on how to do the detoxification which basically follows a chronological order of detoxifying the body starting from the gut or intestine down to the liver and finally to the kidney which we all know are 3 major internal organs responsible for self-healing and boosting the immune system.

coffee enema kitCoffee Enema and Green Juicing for Colon and Kidney Cleanse

According to Dr. Gonzales’ website and interview, they’ve experienced a higher rate of curing cancer through detoxification and a favorite of many patients include the administration and use of coffee enema to detoxify the liver. With respect to healing the gut and kidney putting it to full blast of eliminating body waste, heavy metals and toxic components from the environment and daily toxic diet we’ve gone used to as well as cleaning the blood that flows all over the body, simply green juicing helps big time. You can find a large dose list of green juice recipes here.

toxic liver cleanseFinally Liver Cleanse Through Administration of Coffee Enema

The use of coffee has long been regarded as a major component to heal cancer and detoxify the body and eventually get rid of the waste material toxins that have accumulated over time of eating unhealthy depleted processed foods and that which comes from the environment through the air we breathe, the toxic flouridated and chlorinated water we drink on a daily basis. This method has been used by the early Egyptians that have been stated in numerous medical journals available online around the world and known by many holistic healers and some medical doctors to be the most effective way to help flush out toxins in the body through the liver cleanse. You can read our comprehensive article that features how to do coffee enema or watch and read our video below.

Video of Step by Step Process of Undergoing Coffee Enema Liver Detoxification

TIP: Did you know that simply doing full body detoxification program from your colon, liver and kidney will most likely yield high chances of winning, curing and eliminating many degenerative diseases you never imagined was only caused by a highly toxic body system and nutrition deficient blood. Simply by detoxifying can give you an edge over winning and getting cured halfway but when you add a daily regimen of healthy unprocessed, uncooked raw food, vegetables and fruits can help you speed up the cure of just about any disease known today?

The Role of Spirulina in Binding and Flushing Heavy Metals and Nourishing the Body

Spirulina has been known through ages to be one of the most nutrient dense complete superfood in the planet (making it the most recommended food for astronauts) but apart from this fact, it is also know to bind with multiple types of heavy metals, thereby helping the body flush out those toxic waste through our colon that have accumulated over time in our body through that certain property. This has been known and observed by one of the most visited health website in the world –, a private health site by the Health Ranger, Mike Adams on food science breakthroughs.

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    e2 po contact ko

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    im 25 years old male mataba…
    non alcoholic fatty liver po yong case ko dahil super bihira lang po ako uminum
    at yung blood sugar ko daw po ay nasa boundery na ng diabetic.

    c reince ubana pa din po e2 w8ing for your response at show

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