Calumpang Tree (Wild Almond) and Kalumpit Fruit

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Today’s healing halaman is what my title says it, the Calumpang tree and the Kalumpit shrub fruit wiki. According to an episode of the Healing Galing program today by Edinell Calvario, the Calumpang tree or wild almond tree is used to heal your “butlig” (balat na pumuputok). This tree leaves look like a star fish while the fruit that it bears is the one used to heal certain skin diseases. An example of it was described above in Tagalog.

Calumpang TreeProcedure of Use:

You have 2 choices for use which may either be by boiling the leaf and boil down or extract the seed oil and use it as a scrub or oil on the skin.

Other names of Calumpit tree are: Colloquially known as tropical chestnut, sterculia foetida is its scientific name with an unpleasant aroma on its flowers. We usually see this tree fruits looking like or resembling the tuba fruit but when we see this tree bearing fruits, it usually sheds off it leaves. (See photo of the leaf and the tree)

Kalumpit FruitKalumpit fruit – According to online research and information, the Kalumpit fruit is one of the most effective natural healing for eczema and some other skin diseases. If you want to try this nature’s produce, try listening to FM radio in the Philippines, 92.3 from 6:00 AM up to 8:00 AM every Saturday and 10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon every Sunday. (full photo credits to

Scientific name is: Terminalia Edulis

Calumpang LeavesWhile other research had me finding out that this fruit can be eaten and other online information I found is that this fruit is good to make as wine or lambanog, I am not so sure about them apart from the fact that this fruit can be used to cure eczema and other skin diseases.

– Fruit pulp considered by Hindu physicians as astringent and laxative.
– Some reports consider the kernels as narcotic.

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9 Responses to Calumpang Tree (Wild Almond) and Kalumpit Fruit

  1. Ronald Manlapaz says:

    Good Day po inquire lang po ako tungkol sa Tawa-Tawa san po ako pwede bumili?dito po me cabuyao o calamba laguna…Salamat po

  2. edward jumao-as says:

    gud am. ask kolang kong ano po ang gamot s mlabong mata?

  3. nina e. tiama says:

    would like to ask if you have treatment for vitiligo

  4. baloy v says:

    Hello Po,

    May gamot po ba kayo para sa nababara ang ugat ng puso.Pag napapagod po kasi ako ay makirot ang dibdib ko at nangangalay ang kaliwang braso ko.Salamat po.

  5. Arsenio Uy says:

    Do you have remedy/cure for prostate enlargement. Since late in the 80’s I was already diagnose with a little bit larger prostate, Then after, every 2 or 3 years untill my last consultation last February 2011.the findings is still the same. My problem is I have to urinategayan de Oro city every 1 – 2 hours every night.Took also more than 5 minutes to empty it and worst I have to change my brief so often because of urine. Please help me with this problem.
    I have become an avid listener of Dr Calvario of the healing galing program. I am so empress that I would like to be a distributor/dealer or whatever so I can be of help to many poor people here in this part of this country. I would even bring some of your products to Canada when I go back home this December or by January 2013.
    I two stores here in Cagayan de Oro city and I think Ican put it on display and spread the effectivity of your products and affordavility.
    I hope there will be an accompanying brochure instruction about its application so that more and more people will become knowledgeable faster and help other people too cause it is too difficult to get a consultation schedule with good Doctor. Is there any seminar, study or training to able to dispense you products?
    You I can see a lot of poor patients who really needed this kind of Dr Calvario approach toward fast and easy affordable and very effective cure. C I send somebody to be trained there if this is possible? Thank you so much and my best regards.

  6. Arsenio Uy says:

    Please reply to this inquiry so I can make a better plan for this wonderful endeavor for the people of Misamis Oriental. Please consider my application seriously or you may have some people who had applied before me , then please open up a Branch Outlet in this area so that the people of Cagayan de Oro will also benefit from the healing power of the good Dr Edinelle Calvario’s wonder drugs.

  7. dennis san Pedro says:

    saan po ba ko makakabili ng mga healing galing product ninyo po?
    Dito po ko nakatira sa Santolan Pasig city malapit po kame sa SM Marikina.
    Anu po ba gamot sa sumasakit na balakang nahihirapan po kong yumuko.
    anu rin po ba ang gamot sa pampakinis ng kutis?lalo na po sa mukha?

  8. dennis san Pedro says:

    meron po ba kayong gamot na pampapayat?

  9. Please reply to my email ad please open up a Branch Outlet in our place or where we buy healing galing products because my son was diagnosis consistent with Pityriasis Lichenoides Chronica and I interested with your healing galing products like serpentina tablet, guava soap, healing oil and other products please help us, we are residing in Angeles City or either what is nearest branch that we can we buy these products or what is the best way that we can do, so to cure this kind of illness and also my brother (diabetic), any recommendation with be highly appreciated. Thank you very much in advanced… we are one of the thousands of avid listener of you TV Program during Saturday and Sunday. We need this benefit from the healing power of the good Dr Edinelle Calvario’s wonder people. Thanks again.

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