3 Ways Ketogenic Diet Can Possibly Cure Cancer and Other Diseases

ketogenic diet food pyramidAll to the glory of the ketogenic diet according to wikepedia: If the father of modern medicine once said “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”, then we can simply put it that what you eat is what you are. If you eat junk food depleted of the nutrients that the body needs, then you’ll eventually have a junk, depleted, malnourished, weak immune system body that could lead to cancer development and many other degenerative and unknown health issues. If this is the case, many illness and diseases will eventually come in and make you sick. (image source)

How do you avoid this from happening then? Simple: as stated above, just have a nutritious diet. And what could be a nutritious diet for us humans. We all know that our body gut system is not designed to consume and digest meat, therefore a good alternative to that would be the leafy green vegetable food and fruits rich in bioflavonoids and anti carcinogenic elements. In knowing what works for you, you have to understand that toxic chemicals might just be on their way to your gut if you don’t choose even the vegetables and fruits that you eat. Simply put, you have to be very vigilant and know where are the best sources of the best food to eat on a daily basis. One best thing you can do is to make sure that you will be eating organic, non-toxic, non-chemically sprayed, non-artificially fertilized and non-pesticide sprayed crops. What best way to get that than by planting your own food. That’s what our family has been doing since we realized the importance of eating mostly if not fully, organic food. We buy from local farmers who don’t have the budget to use chemicals from their fertilizers to pesticides and so on.

While above is the case for eating healthy food and where you can get them best, a necessary diet can really help big time in dealing with cancer and other diseases as well as in boosting the immune system instead of compromising it. Some experts in the natural healing and nutrition approach to healing all sorts of diseases including cancer, usually suggest certain diet. One of which is the “ketogenic diet”.

According to Dr. Mercola, one of the leading experts in the medical industry who believes that food is the best medicine there is:

“Could a ketogenic diet eventually be a “standard of care” drug-free treatment for cancer? Personally, I believe it’s absolutely crucial, for whatever type of cancer you’re trying to address, and hopefully some day it will be adopted as a first line of treatment.

A ketogenic diet calls for eliminating all but non-starchy vegetable carbohydrates, and replacing them with healthy fats and high-quality protein.”

Please watch a video by TEDx below taken from Youtube.com to understand a bit about how we can starve cancer as well as control and lessen seizures caused by epilepsy. This video talks basically about the ketogenic diet. According to Dominic D’Agostino, this special diet has been used and is found to be effective in controlling and minimizing seizures due to epilepsy. It is basically low in carbohydrates and high in healthy fat. This special diet has been used over the years by different people to regulate blood pressure and blood glucose levels (thereby avoiding diabetes) as well as maintain and regulate ideal weight.

How Ketogenic Diet Can Kill Cancer Cells

  1. Starves Cancer Cells – This special diet is found to utilize ketones instead of glucose or sugar in brain metabolism thereby starving the cancer cells which are not able to use ketones to grow and metastasize.
  2. Feeds Brain with Ketones – Human brain is the biggest consumer of energy in our body through the food we eat. If we eat plainly recipes and food based from the ketogenic diet principle, we literally starve the brain from eating up glucose but instead use ketones to metabolize and function well. This, according to some lab experiments was found to help decrease seizures in epilepsy and other neurological problems and health issues.
  3. High Healthy Fat – Eating foods high in healthy fats eventually energizes the body and the nerves thereby providing enough energy for us humans to function on a day to day basis in our prime strength. Healthy fat was also found to regulate body weight making us loose excess weight that is useless and keeping enough levels of fat that are healthy where cancer cells and toxic chemicals cannot thrive in.

ketogenic diet planHow to Aid Weight Loss Using Ketogenic Diet

If you think that weight loss is an issue of just plain diet, you can be right. But there are other important factors that help us assess that diet alone may help big time in reducing weight and maintaining an ideal one. It has been proven many times by self experimentation that intake of nutritious food through vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids of all sorts is very important in weightloss. Here we do not compromise our body health but instead we contineously nourish the body and keep building an intact and strong immune system. Please watch a video below explaining more about the ketogenic diet as used for weightloss. The video below features ketogenic recipes to help you start with your diet to loose weight while staying healthy. (image source)

Finally, below is a journal from the Mercola set of medical information regarding ketogenic diet for use as medical cure to many diseases including cancer.

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  1. Christy Marie Micabalo says:

    Magandang araw po!

    Dr. E, paano po malalaman na may infection sa baga at ano po ang tamang gamotan nito? Matagal na po kasi itong ubo ng Tita ko at hindi maubos-ubos ang plema. Nanghihina at namamayat na po siya.Wala po siyang ganang kumain, hinahapo at paputol-putol ang tulog.
    Sana po mabasa at masagot ninyo ito.

    Maraming salamat po!

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