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What you eat is what you are so a dietary food supplement is necessary for a holistic healing of the body ailments. This will include weight loss diets, detoxification and at some point cancer cure due to body toxic waste discharge by food intake.

3 Ways Ketogenic Diet Can Possibly Cure Cancer and Other Diseases

All to the glory of the ketogenic diet according to wikepedia: If the father of modern medicine once said “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”, then we can simply put it that what you eat is … Continue reading

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Woodstock Fruit Festival in the U.S., An Awakening for Pinoys to Go Raw Diet with Fruits and Vegetables

“All holistic healing who would not include diet and eating as part of healing and medicine is foolish practice” I’ve come across just today about a certain activity they do on a yearly basis in the U.S. they call the … Continue reading

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Hot Sitz Bath and Cure to Erectile Dysfunction

Google Advertisements I’ve seen so many medical websites online featuring western cure for erectile dysfunction but with naturopathy, there is a different approach. Today, in an episode discussed by Dr Edinell Calvario in tribute to Lolos and Lolas in grand … Continue reading

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Cleansing Tea – Road to Stop Smoking Rather than e Cigarette

Google Advertisements While many have used e cigarette to help themselves stop smoking, I have an actual example who is also a good friend who literally stopped smoking which all started by quitting the consumption of the tobacco cigarette. What … Continue reading

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Detox Protocol (Body Drug Detoxification)

Google Advertisements Finally, we came up with information regarding how to do or administer the Healing Galing detox protocol diet. If you are suffering from cancer of any kind, sort, type or level, this is good procedure for you to … Continue reading

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