Healing Tapal Cream

healing tapal creamSo what is this new Healing Galing product called “healing tapal cream”? Well, according to today’s episode of the program with Nestor Amistad Tan and Edinell Calvario, this natural cream is used in possibly treating asthma and eventually weak lungs. Continue reading

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Healing Sangkap – Pirurutong (Black Rice) (Palitaw)

Today’s healing sangkap for additional healthy food is the palitaw na pirurutong. Made from black rice while enhanced with corn and grape prunes, powdered mils and stevia leaves for sweetener – known for it’s natural sweet taste in organic and full of enzyme forms. This is rich in iron because of the black rice galapong (pirurutong). This is a new innovation in cooking and dessert recipes for health conscious people. Continue reading

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Hotline Numbers for Outlets and Stores and Free Healing Session and Consultation – Healing Nation

free consultation hotline

Healing Galing Hotline

We have compiled and will update the different authorized stores and outlets all over Manila and provinces in the Philippines where you can buy all the different Healing Galing products.

For announcements on Healing Nation of free consultation and prices of the products, please consult only with duly authorized distribution center people as listed below taken from the weekend announcement made by Doctor Edinell Calvario herself. Continue reading

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Dr Edinell Calvario on How to Prevent Wrinkles Appearing on Skin

prevent wrinkles

Prevent Wrinkles

A 60 year old asked via the Healing Galing office hotline SMS what she can do about wrinkles. Comparing her current skin condition with a far more younger friend.

Dr Edinell Calvario gives a holistic way of approach in maintaining if not to have a soft younger looking effect on your skin. Here are the advice as counted while listening to the program today January 19, 2014. Continue reading

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Organic Vitamin B 12

organic vitamin B 12Healing Galing is known for selling organic and quality product medicines. One of which in the shelf when you come over to the office in Quirino Avenue is the organic vitamin B12, a concentrated tablet form vitamin that enhances the full and optimized function of the blood thereby producing more cells to aid a good body condition. Continue reading

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