How to Reverse and Cure Diabetes in 30 Days Using Raw Food and Nutrition Only

effects of diabetesIf you still haven’t, please read our How To category in the sidebar. There’s definitely a lot of cures and remedies and how to administer stuff there that you might not know of yet can cure your chronic disease. As promised, here is our segment article that gives you tips on how to reverse and cure diabetes in 30 days. With little to no knowledge in nutrition, here is where you will learn what raw foods and superfood supplements can do to your health, much more, cure you from whatever type of diabetes you have, Type 1, 2, 3, or whatever else you’ve gotten wrong in your blood, by all means, we strongly suggest that you stay away as much as possible from altering the human physiology through intake and intravenous injection of insulin. Continue reading

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Cancer Cure 2: How to Do Coffee Enema and Detoxify the Liver

colon cleanseColon Cleansing as First Step to Cancer Cure

I have written previously about the colon and how to basically administer colon cleansing and what foods to eat and avoid while on this diet regimen. In that article, I have also enumerated some of the amazing benefits of getting in to a plant-based diet as well as the regular intake of green juices and the need to add probiotics into your diet that will give more help to the overall body health through intake of live enzymes and raw trace minerals as well as nutrition and how important it is to detoxify and clean your gut to give way in the development of good gut flora to help boost the immune system.

One of the best benefits of cleaning the colon is not just to help aid and speed up the changes to incorporate in your diet but prepare it for smooth delivery of nutrients to the human body. Remember that if the colon is the body’s key to a strong first line of defense through strengthening of the immune system, it is also your road to get your blood cleansed and for all sorts of diseases imaginable to wade off and get the cure you need. In fact, it is one of the first steps to curing cancer alongside with the use of coffee enema to help aid in faster detoxification of the liver. So it’s really a step by step slow procedure but a surefire cure to some of the uncommon types of cancer. Continue reading

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Colon Cleansing Naturally – How to Do It and What to Avoid and Eat During Process

colon cleanseWe all have different colon conditions and if you think that there is a single magic bullet for all of us when it comes to colon cleansing and need to detoxify due to poor digestion, eating of too much toxic junk and chemically sprayed food, drinking unsafe chlorinated and flouridated water and inhaling polluted chemically contaminated air, you might be wrong.

A more gentle yet careful approach is usually necessary and more valuable so that you may allow the body to slowly recognize the changes you want to incorporate in your health and life. The value of what you put inside your intestine through the food and nature’s army of natural medicine you swallow should be done on a slow gradual phase. A good way to do that is by staying as close to nature as possible. This means that you eat only natural organic grown (as much as possible) food. Stay away from anything man-made and labels in the food that you don’t even know or recognize or understand. Start to be wise and ask or make your own research. Use the internet if you have access or watch in YouTube for informational videos about related topics to health. Continue reading

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How to Effectively Boost Immune System and Stop Suppressing It

organs responsible for immune systemIn case you didn’t realize it yet or must have forgotten that our first line of defense against any sickness, ailment or health problem is our immune system, well, you ought to be glad today because I am reminding you of this fact.

Our immune system is actually a checklist of complexities even today’s modern and conventional medicine haven’t deciphered or grasped fully to an extent that many doctors and medical professionals still don’t understand that in order to holistically heal a person or any diseased patient, it needs to nourish the body with good nutrition and practice good preventive measures for boosting the immune system. Continue reading

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Cancer Cure: Detox with Coffee Enema and Nourish with Green Juice

coffee enema, cancer cure, detoxIn terms of cancer cure, very few naturopathists today would really recommend a holistic approach to healing and that’s probably why I so love Healing Galing. It tackles and discusses about detoxification and nourishment with the right kind of food as well as educating Pinoys about the different foods to avoid if you have cancer of whatever kind. Coffee enema is designed to heal and clear the gut as well as the liver from toxins and parasites. On the left is a picture of our intestinal tract which is the target of this procedure. You can read a testimonial here. Continue reading

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