Cancer Cure Powers of Lupo Weed (Vegetable)

lupoI just came across this weed today, September 6, 2015 and it made my eyes go wide as soon as I read that this local roadside vegetable that is local and grows freely abundant in rice fields, cane fields and in just about any vacant lot you can find. I didn’t know it has a secret recipe inside of its leafy green promise. Much more, I didn’t know that there were actually cancer cure properties present in this weed (vegetable). All I can remember is that my wife used to call this vegetable as “rupo rupo” back in Aklan where both of us have as our local province. She on her mother side and me on my father’s. (full copyright of image to – Continue reading

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3 Ways Ketogenic Diet Can Possibly Cure Cancer and Other Diseases

ketogenic diet food pyramidAll to the glory of the ketogenic diet according to wikepedia: If the father of modern medicine once said “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”, then we can simply put it that what you eat is what you are. If you eat junk food depleted of the nutrients that the body needs, then you’ll eventually have a junk, depleted, malnourished, weak immune system body that could lead to cancer development and many other degenerative and unknown health issues. If this is the case, many illness and diseases will eventually come in and make you sick. (image source) Continue reading

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Earthing or Grounding as Method of Healing Diseases and Ailments Naturally

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There are so many proven experiments on healing and cures to various diseases. You do not even necessarily have to do them in a laboratory to come up with a conclusion. Although that is the case, many were proven to work at a personal level. The same thing goes for earthing or grounding. Doctors, naturopaths, healers, shamans, and yes, even some experts agree that there is a big effect on human body when we get grounded in many ways. Continue reading

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Best 3 Step Method of Body Detoxification – Gut, Liver and Kidney According to Health Experts

detoxif protocolA detox protocol might differ depending on who is the naturopathic practitioner diagnosing you and as to what degree of knowledge your naturopathist has regarding full and complete body detoxification. At Healing Galing, we’ve posted a couple of months ago about Dr E’s detox protocol but through continued research online, we found out that there is this website that offers very useful information regarding cancer cure and how to administer the detoxification through a step by step process that is very easy to follow and understand. Continue reading

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How to Reverse and Cure Diabetes in 30 Days Using Raw Food and Nutrition Only

If you still haven’t, please read our How To category in the sidebar. There’s definitely a lot of cures and remedies and how to administer stuff there that you might not know of yet can cure your chronic disease. As promised, here is our segment article that gives you tips on how to reverse and cure diabetes in 30 days. With little to no knowledge in nutrition, here is where you will learn what raw foods and superfood supplements can do to your health, much more, cure you from whatever type of diabetes you have, Type 1, 2, 3, or whatever else you’ve gotten wrong in your blood, by all means, we strongly suggest that you stay away as much as possible from altering the human physiology through intake and intravenous injection of insulin.effects of diabetes Continue reading

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