Cancer Cure: Detox with Coffee Enema and Nourish with Green Juice

coffee enema, cancer cure, detoxIn terms of cancer cure, very few naturopathists today would really recommend a holistic approach to healing ant that’s probably why I so love Healing Galing. It tackles and discusses about detoxification and nourishment with the right kind of food as well as educating Pinoys about the different foods to avoid if you have cancer of whatever kind. Coffee enema is designed to heal and clear the gut as well as the liver from toxins and parasites. On the left is a picture of our intestinal tract which is the target of this procedure. You can read a testimonial here. Continue reading

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Woodstock Fruit Festival in the U.S., An Awakening for Pinoys to Go Raw Diet with Fruits and Vegetables

“All holistic healing who would not include diet and eating as part of healing and medicine is foolish practice”

I’ve come across just today about a certain activity they do on a yearly basis in the U.S. they call the “Woodstock Fruit Festival” and I was surprised to find out that this community numbering in hundreds were all eating raw if not completely vegan diets.

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5 Herbs that Help Relieve Stomach Acidity, Constipation, Dyspepsia and Bowel Discharge Problems

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Many herbal medicines have been proven to cure different ailments, health problems and diseases by our ancestors and yet the medical community doesn’t recognize it and worse, many medical doctors lead people and Pinoys to believe that it is a … Continue reading

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What is Good Alternative to Rhizome Pills?

RhizomeDr. Edinell Calvario is always so helpful that she gives alternative natural backyard herbs to “ALL” her patients at the CDI building. This is one of the greatest gifts that she is giving all people that she have helped heal their ailments and health problems and we praise that effort. In relation to this, from now on, we would like to give good alternatives from our online research what other choices patients have for much cheaper options using backyard plants and market (palengke) herbs. Continue reading

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Healing Tapal Cream

healing tapal creamSo what is this new Healing Galing product called “healing tapal cream”? Well, according to today’s episode of the program with Nestor Amistad Tan and Edinell Calvario, this natural cream is used in possibly treating asthma and eventually weak lungs. Continue reading

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